Friday, May 13, 2011


assalamualaikum kawan2!

daku nak highlightkan 1 issue.. what is it?
hurm.. issuenye HYPOCRITE!

y must this issue exist?
because we r DIFFERENT.
so some people might pretend to be someone else.
and some people prefer to be themselves.
most of us tend to be hypocrite sometimes.
however it is accepted such that we just met a person.
so we tend to 'hide' ourselves a bit.
bila da knal, slowly we will reveal ourselves.

however, the issue that i want to highlight here is the other
negative-create-hatred kind of HYPOCRITE.

HYPOCRITE is defined as..
someone who ''pretends to be better than he or she really is or to be pious,
virtuous without really being so".

In simple words we can say that
a hypocrite is a person who says one thing and does the opposite.

bukannye tak bole.. u can be a hypocritos~
tapi kena la pandai2..
xbole la jadi hypocritos yang orang bole tau..ape da~
obvious sangat.. xbest la cm2.. ;p

enuf of this. daku pun penah je jadi hipokrit.
tp dkt kawan2 baru la..
tp bile da berkawan..
lame2 diorg tau la daku cmne..
n they can assess me better.
so.. i think this type of people shud realize that they have to be themselves.. orang lain melihat.. n orang berkata-kata..
memang la xyah dgr ckp orang.. tp bila orang da berkata..
it makes us to see the truth of ourselves..
so, mari kawan2 kita muhasabah diri..
hopefully kte x jadi hypocrite yang membuatkan org meluat nak berkawan dgn kte..
amin! :)

peace no war!

*p/s: jom kte pk2 kan bersame.. ade tak ciri2 hypocrite tak elok yg perlu dinyahkan dr diri kte?
renung2kan dan selamat beramal!

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