Thursday, April 22, 2010

entry ke 100 mupija~

entry ke 100 mupija~

A minute is eternity
when you are not by my side
i seem to have no remedy
to cure this love of mine
ever since your face i saw
i couldn't think of another
it was like an addictive drug
it feeling like nothing other
Its this incredible passion
that grows and grows each day
that makes my heart skip its beats
that makes me wanna scream to you
that i need you here close to me
i hope this poem somehow touches you
and makes you understand that i
wanna be your one and only
the one that always there
and will never make you cry

from : mr smooshy
to: mrs booty

i love u with all my heart and soul..


  1. yeaayy~~
    baru la btoi2 100!:D
    patut la nk tdo dgn seronoknye c pijah.:')


  2. ngeeee~~~
    da 100..jap je.. haha! ;P
    lapor?? beli la mknan.. :P

  3. mane x kejap nye pija oi.sehari mau smpi 5.20 hari dh 100.heheh.:P

    xnak2 ...nk pija blanje..........gloria jeans coffee la!eh..xmo2..kirspy kreme!huuu~ wt a memory!:P