Monday, April 19, 2010

sweet sgt3!

entry ni sgt daku suke.. np??? ntah.. pk la sndiri k kalian~ :D
daku ske! ske! ske gler2!!!
btw, ni daku ambik dr blog abg ipar my best fren.. soraya! name die adam.. hehe..

ni blog die..

This morning, as I was sending the Bride to her car to go to work, I bid her goodbye as usual...


Kiss on her forehead.

Bye. I love you.


Kenapa you tak cakap I love you balik?


Walk towards her car and took her hand. Slowly used my finger to carve “I love you” on her hand…



Sometimes, simple things in life can make a couple super happy…

Sometimes, it is better to carve the fact that you love someone on their hand…

Especially when she is all ready to go to work and smelling nice in the morning whilst you have not brushed your teeth…


p/s: comel kan diorg??

sweet sgt.. awwww.. :')

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